Sportconfex is a Dutch company committed to producing functional sportclothing. Sportconfex is situated in Assen (Netherlands) and has its own production facilities in Poland. At Sportconfex, our customers can order a wide variety of sportclothing, from ice skating clothes, cycling clothes, athletics clothes, baseball/football/volleyball clothes to motocross shirts.

All these types of clothes can be produced in the standard colors we use for our products, it can also be produced using sublimation. Sublimation makes it possible to produce clothes in company colors, sponsor colors & club colors. Sportconfex "The sportwear producer" is specialised in corporated and team-clothing, under private label. To give you an idea of the brands we produce under, and the forthcoming clothing, visit the products page.

Producing the Dutch Olympic skatingsuits
Sportconfex has developed and produced skating suits for the Olympic Team of the Netherlands.
The Dutch television came over to film the process in which the clothes are being produced.
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To see more clips about Sportconfex on TV click:
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Team Clothing
Team clothing for the NWVG cycling team, produced by Sportconfex for FORTE Sportswear.

Team clothing for the Control/Mats skating team produced by Sportconfex.
Our products
We produce many types of sportclothes, including:
  • Speedskating clothes
  • Cycling clothes
  • Athletic clothes
  • Football clothes
Read all about it at our Products page.
Did you know...

... Edwin van Calker and his bob-sled team are wearing clothes produced by Sportconfex?
We have updated our website and we will give you an impression of clothes recently been produced and used in national and international sports competition. (February 2010)